Taylor Gillig is a combat veteran, businessman, and conservative Republican running for Texas State House District 92. He believes in lowering property taxes, securing the border, protecting unborn life, and ensuring all students in HEB receive a high-quality education.

Taylor was a Marine Infantry Officer and combat veteran of the Afghanistan war. During his combat deployment to Afghanistan he commanded a multi-national force through combat operations in Northern Helmand Province. While in the Marines he learned discipline, tenacity, resilience, and above all: leadership.

After leaving the Marines in 2015, he worked for State Senator Charles Perry during the 84th legislative session gaining first-hand experience of the legislative process. Through this experience, Gillig was able to work on SB 185, Perry’s initial draft of the anti-sanctuary cities legislation he passed the following session. 

After the session, Gillig started his MBA at Southern Methodist University, concentrating in Strategy and Finance. During his time at SMU he co-founded a chapter of the Adam Smith Society; an organization dedicated to promoting the moral, social, and economic benefits of capitalism.

While attending SMU he met his wife, Kelly, and wrote the business plan for The Cookery; which they now both own and operate. As an entrepreneur, he has seen how government stifles creativity and crushes innovation. Watching as overbearing regulations and government involvement has made it difficult for cash strapped start-ups to succeed. If elected, he will fight every day to reign in the excessive taxes and regulations on small business to unleash the free markets which create jobs and economic growth.

"As an entrepreneur, I have seen with my own eyes how government stifles creativity and crushes innovation. If elected, I will fight every day to reign in the excessive taxes and regulations on small business to unleash the free markets which create jobs and economic growth."


Taxes and Spending:

We are taxed far too much as Americans at both the federal and state level. Citizens are taxed on just about everything from their incomes, homes, to their businesses to the purchase of goods. Everyday radical politicians on the left are proposing new ways of taxing you to pay for their progressive agenda. 

It is time to draw a line in the sand, stop the spending spree, and bring real tax reform to the citizens of our district. As your next state representative, I will fight tirelessly to reduce (and hopefully eliminate) our state’s property tax and challenge the attempts to implement a state income tax in Texas. 

Border Security:

The federal government has failed us and refused to secure the border, bringing illegal immigration to unprecedented levels. As a combat veteran, I believe this is a matter of national security, and we must know who is entering our country and what their motives are. 

As a grandson of immigrants, I both love and cherish the American dream, but the government must keep our communities and schools safe. We must enforce all immigration laws and stop incentivizing people from crossing the border illegally. Our lawmakers must end entitlements for non-citizens and ending practices such as “catch-and-release” that put dangerous criminals back on our streets.

Preserving Life and Liberty:

Our founding fathers created our government with the sole purpose of preserving and protecting our natural rights and liberties. The most basic, foundational right we have is the right to life, because, without life, we can have no liberty. As your next state representative, I will make the preservation of life, both born and unborn, a top priority. 

Second Amendment:

Texans have a proud tradition of protecting our Second Amendment Rights, made famous by the immortal cry of “Come and Take It” at the Battle of Gonzales. As your state representative, I will fight to protect our God-given right to bear arms from those who seek to erode this fundamental protections in the Bill of Rights. 


The children of our district deserve a quality education that prepares them for their future careers, whether they attend college or not. We need to focus our resources on classroom teachers and keep local money in our local schools. Parents must be the primary decision-makers in their children’s education, whether they choose to send their kids to public schools, private schools, charter schools, or homeschool